AO World

How do I tell my company story?

Imbue it with the spirit that helped you grow


AO World, formally known as Appliances Online, is the leading online retailer of white goods and consumer electronics within the UK. AO’s focus is on customer service and making customers happy every day. After 12 years, they became a public company and we were asked to develop their first annual report, in 2014.


Our strategy was to showcase the company’s culture, whilst at the same time highlighting what drives the business. The verbal tone and visual style of the report is unusually playful and vibrant, reflecting the company’s character and its people. The CEO ‘notes down’ his thought process throughout the report alongside illustrations and sketches, popping up in the main narrative, just like he would if contributing to a conversation.


The front cover sets the tone for the rest for the report. CEO, John Roberts says, ‘Gather’s track-record in mixing creativity and corporate know-how made them the obvious fit for us to deliver this project and we are very proud of the result.’


  • Best practice consultancy
  • Key messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Print management