How do I improve my annual report for the 6th year running?

Make well-judged refinements


This annual report, our 6th for Cape, provided an opportunity to present the new Cape brand and introduce a new identity and global strapline ‘Excellence delivered’.

Ever keen to comply with the latest regulations and follow best practice standards, Cape wished to emphasise their international leadership in the provision of industrial services by the delivery of their growth strategy for 2014.

The opportunity was to provide clearer integration and referencing throughout the report for the reader.


We developed an informative ‘Our market’ spread detailing Cape’s world-class reputation and global reach.

We visually highlighted key services at the start of the report, giving prominence to Cape’s commitment to operational excellence and safety – a focus that carries a premium in the industrial sector.

By introducing colour referencing in the Strategic Report we helped to link the company’s strategic intent to its vision, business model, core values and KPI’s – for both existing and potential stakeholders.

A more in-depth and extensive CSR section underlined Cape’s commitment to delivering safe, consistent and timely operations.

Global case studies throughout show Cape in action.


Published in April, the 2014 Annual Report successfully introduces the new branding and clearly shows Cape’s confidence in and focus on implementing their strategy for long term growth.


  • Best practice consultancy
  • Key messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Print management
  • Asset management