How do corporates feel about digital and social media?

BY Julian Gorham

We are living in an era of extraordinary digital and media expansion, where brands are increasingly built by the conversations people are having online.

“Never has it been so important to understand and be clear on how to navigate this complex landscape.”

Today Gather, in collaboration with YouGov, launches an in- depth research report into how corporates feel about digital and social media. Soliciting the views of professional communicators in big and small corporates, the report shows how these organisations feel about their own digital and social media, as well as their various stakeholders’ attitudes towards it.

The report highlights a gap in corporate digital and social media communications that needs bridging. Both digital and social media hold great potential to connect previously disconnected audiences, through the creation of a single organising idea that can then resonate with each group in a way that’s right for them.

Some of the key findings are:


of organisations with a responsibility for communicating with investors admitted that they didn’t currently use any of the main digital and social channels


expect to increase their use of digital media in the next two years, and the prediction is the same for social media

How do corporates feel about digital and social media?

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