How do I set expectations for a first annual report post IPO?

Start the process properly


Lakehouse is an asset and energy support services group that constructs, improves, maintains and provides services to homes, schools, and public and commercial buildings. It focuses on the UK public sector and regulated markets.

We were asked to produce their first annual report, following an IPO in 2015.


This was the first time most of the Lakehouse team had produced an annual report. We walked them through Gather’s bespoke process for recently listed companies, which is primarily led by content and starts with a FRAME (First Report Aims Method Expectations) meeting. Here key internal and external stakeholders discuss the ambition of the report (best practice), the pagination and how the group will develop the required content – using the prospectus as the main source.

The FRAME meeting included the Chairman of the Board, CEO, CFO and other senior employees was a chance for key individuals to ask questions and exchange views at the earliest opportunity.


It was important for their first annual report to make the case about what makes Lakehouse different. In an impactful special section the report emphasised their unique way of doing things ‘The Lakehouse way’, customer centric, quality, expertise, putting customers first and caring. To support this the chief executive, through a Q&A, explained the long term importance of deeper relationships.

The business model demonstrated how the business creates sustainable value and a detailed market analysis provided context for their 3 part strategy: driving organic growth, increasing cross-selling and expanding their geographic footprint. This also provided a roadmap for progress against their objectives.


  • Key messages
  • Copywriting
  • Best practice consultancy
  • Design