How can I demonstrate our range of services?

Use detailed case studies.


Savills is a brand that is synonymous with both the high street residential property market and international property consultancy. The range of services Savills offers clients is varied and the company is expert at solving problems and finding solutions on behalf of their clients all over the world.


The report opened with a range of questions that Savills have been asked in the past year and the answer was presented in the form of a case study. These case studies were representative of all the services the company provided in 2015 and covered their major markets. The market section itself provided commentary and statistics on the key markets in which Savills operates and included mini case studies for each region.


The Report illustrated how Savills helps its clients through its global network of offices and broad range of expertise while reinforcing the company’s strong brand through the use of the yellow square to showcase information.


  • Best practice consultancy
  • Key messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Business model
  • Design
  • Photography