5 tips to help support your digital content engagement

BY Clare Bennett

There are currently 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day (according to Forbes). Over the last two years alone, 90% of the data in the world was generated. This point is worth re-reading!

So, it’s fair to say to raise your head above the digital parapet, your digital content needs to work much harder to attract new audiences and engage them effectively.

Having run our content strategy event twice and gathered insights from our clients, we have found that the toughest content challenge our clients face is producing a consistent, interesting and relevant content stream that supports their brand.

We know that a good content strategy begins with careful planning. Here are five ways we have helped our clients to get a handle on their content creation.

Know who you’re talking to

Do you really know your audience?  If you don’t already have a set of Personas that define your audience’s topic interests, channel preferences and preferred content formats, then maybe now’s the time to develop these. Using Personas you will be able to quickly streamline your content creation process. They will ensure you provide relevant content and generate a happy and loyal audience in the right channels at the right time.

Stay relevant

Researching the topics your target audience is interested in hearing about will help you stay relevant. Using data from events, social media, audience feedback and analytics, helps to make informed decisions on the type of content to develop. Relevant content solves problems, answers questions, and provides unique value for everyone visiting your website.

Use an editorial calendar

There are key dates and times throughout the year around which you can plan content (such as annual results, product campaigns and annual industry conferences). Knowing when these key moments in the year occur will reveal the times where you have a gap in your schedule. These gaps should be filled with creative content but also useful content to keep your audience engaged.

Content can be anything

Infographics, videos and animations make sure you not only grab audience’s attention but retain it. Everything you produce and distribute (from blogs and social media to printed collateral) has the potential to amplify your message to a wider audience. Word of warning though,  make sure your persona uses this channel to engage with you (or the message will fall on deaf ears).

Repurpose old content

In an era of content saturation, it’s more important than ever for you to resurface, tweak and repurpose previously engaging content. One way you can breathe life into old blog posts is by either updating them with new information or simply rewriting the article. You could also repurpose written content into an animation or recommission a survey. Just because you produced a piece of content a while ago, it doesn’t mean that you can’t reuse or repurpose it.

We hope the above tips will help you keep the content you produce fresh but if you are looking for tangible advice, you can drop us a line on clare@gather.london, or give us a call on 020 7014 3325