How do I show continuity while restructuring?

Make the case clearly in the annual report


Amlin plc is a global specialty insurer and reinsurer, with over a hundred years of experience in the insurance markets.

Amlin’s three underwriting subsidiaries are highly rated for their financial strength. But the company was undergoing restructuring and had a complicated investor story to tell in its annual report.

Not only was trust a particularly important issue for an Amlin undergoing change, but also it was a fundamental for the industry. Amlin needed to be crystal clear about its strategy and the performance of the business as well as how the business was managed and governed.


The annual report had to express the positioning statement ‘Continuity is at the heart of our business’. Imagery demonstrates continuity – and is a part of Amlin’s existing identity. The angles represent the company’s move to the Cheese Grater building in The City, in 2015.

Strong brand messaging at the start of the report reinforces the continuity story from the outset. We simplified layout as there was a lot of narrative to carry.

The structure clearly links the main components of the report: overview, strategy, market, business model, resources, KPIs, risks, remuneration and governance.

We also advised on best practice and regulatory changes to ensure reporting was up to date and helping Amlin build a reputation for transparency and completeness.


The report positions Amlin as an ambitious company, with a clear strategy and strong leadership. The narrative content and cohesion bears comparison with sector peers. Brand and photography provide differentiation, avoiding the negatives of much insurance disaster type imagery.


  • Best practice consultancy
  • Key messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Print management