How do I build a long-term investor story?

Develop what you started in year one


For our second AO World Annual Report, we wanted to focus on the company’s key strengths of efficiency and customer service – and bring them to life


The structure of the 2015 report provides a well argued overview of the business and sets out real-life case studies that highlight AO’s point of difference in the marketplace. By clearly demonstrating AO’s commitment to exceptional customer service, the case is built for AO being ‘Exceptional in the moments that matter’.

The report continues to tell AO’s investment story through an eight-page Z-fold design, demonstrating the ‘A-Z of AO’. This section focuses on the people behind the company and how they are helping to transform the business.


With dynamic, bold design and visually appealing illustrations, our approach clearly differentiates AO from its peer group and, once again, captures the culture and spirit of the company.


  • Best practice consultancy
  • Key messages
  • Copy writing
  • Illustration
  • Design
  • Print management