How can I get our culture to drive the business?

Start by making it fiercely clear


AO is a fantastic white goods delivery business, with a great story to tell and a vibrant logo and look and feel that instantly distinguishes them. It shows at their HQ, in their advertising, on their customer facing websites and in their investor communications like its Gather produced Annual Reports. Following an IPO in April 2013, the company is expanding fast into new categories like electronics – and across Europe. AO Germany launched successfully last September.

The spirit of AO – the culture that has driven AO’s people to deliver success – is special, but somewhat ambiguous and AO recognised the opportunity to articulate it clearly so it could be shared and developed to drive further growth.


We carried out interviews across the business, probing AO’s reputation, positioning, values and ambition with stakeholders, including the board and employees in Bolton, Crewe and Germany. We also carried out an online survey with all 1200 employees. Identifying key themes from this research, we developed clear values and a Single Organising Idea – a motivating theme for potential and existing employees to gather around – capturing the culture and enabling AO to use its positive power to full effect.


The theme and values are being launched soon.


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Positioning
  • Values