How do I develop our story in a compelling way for our second annual report?

Demonstrate how your business model is driving all areas of the business.


Atlas Mara’s first annual report in 2014 introduced the company and provided a detailed analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa. Their 2015 report needed to expand the story and provide more detail on the countries in which it operates, the structure of the business and its relationship to the operating brands. It was an opportunity to showcase the uniqueness of the company and how they have become a disruptive force in African banking, whilst also creating value for their stakeholders.


With the aim of enhancing all areas of the report, Gather worked on creating a new business model that would form the basis of the narrative. Continuing the Grow, Buy and Protect model, each section of the book reflected how the company’s model drives all areas of the business, whether in how they decide which banks to acquire and countries to operate in, or in how they create value for their different stakeholders.

Whereas the 2014 report concentrated on the Buy and Protect phases of their business model, the 2015 report included a “Grow in Action’ section which showcased six initiatives the company has introduced to benefit their customers and generate brand loyalty. A great deal of work also went into explaining how the company manages and mitigates risk.


Released in May 2016, the report reflects a company undergoing great change and rapid growth, and provides investors the information they need in order to invest in this exciting young company.