BRAND: University of Bristol

How do I begin to tell a story about one of the world’s great Universities?

Create a campaign that stands out.


The University of Bristol is competing as never before and, like everybody, needs to fight its corner. Host to some of the world’s most innovative research, Bristol is popular with foreign students who want to experience the epitome of an English university education. In the UK it is seen as a leading-edge city, far less staid than its Oxbridge competition. The University has bold plans that include building a modern campus in the heart of the City.


University advertising is often generic and unconvincing. Bland images of smiling students and university buildings abound. To stand out, we developed a campaign with a strong central theme, confident typography, bold colours and  thoughtful statements, targeting students, staff and alumni.

‘Tradition with edge’, sums up the unique spirit of the University.

‘Tradition’ is not about being old-fashioned, but reflects eternal values such as the pursuit of knowledge, classic English architecture and countryside.

‘Edge’ – is an expression of the vibrancy of the student and academic experience in a city that is the UK’s brightest new metropolitan scene.

The campaign comprised 96 and 48 sheet posters and adshels in London, Bristol and Birmingham and an online landing page to which the posters referred.


The new campaign’s landing page has had 4 million hits so far. With so many messaging possibilities alive at any one time across the University this campaign is designed as a ‘creative consolidator’, giving Bristol the maximum positioning benefit. ‘Tradition with edge’ is a theme that can be built upon.


  • Brand model
  • Brand narrative
  • Idea development
  • Key messaging
  • Look and feel
  • Launch Campaign