GATHER AROUND: 3 questions to ask yourself about your corporate site

BY Ellis Hockin-Boyers

In the lead-up to our first seminar of the year on the 7th March, we’ve highlighted 3 questions that are key to understanding how to optimise your corporate website.


1. Why do we have a website?


Although this might seem ridiculous (what serious business doesn’t have a website?), starting out by asking the fundamental questions can help you to sharpen the focus on your key objectives.


2. What success would look like?


Most businesses have an ambition to improve their corporate website, but without a clear idea of where you want to arrive and how it will look when you get there, it can be hard to build momentum. Knowing what you need to be measuring and how to benchmark it can make all the difference.


3. Who are my audiences?


You may have a particular group in mind as the focus of your website, but it’s also important to consider who else might find it useful or informative. Deciding who to cater to will have a massive influence on your website’s structure and content.


 If you’re interested in exploring any of these questions further, please contact Clare Bennett or Ellis Hockin-Boyers.