DIGITAL: Rio Tinto

How do I tell a mining company’s sustainability story effectively online?

Provide the story and the evidence and show why it’s important


Rio Tinto is a leader in mining and metals and the developer of some of the world’s largest high-quality mines and operations across the globe. This involves working closely with the communities in which it operates.

Following the presentation of our digital benchmark research on the mining sector, we were asked to develop the content and structure of Rio Tinto’s ‘Our commitment’ section on their corporate website.

Rio Tinto had recently launched a new purpose ‘pioneering progress’ and a brand story that put innovation at the heart of the business and this needed to be reflected in the way in which they talked about their sustainability approach and impact.


We ran a workshop to identify the most compelling story themes, looking at existing content and discussing which linked best to Rio Tinto’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We helped to redefine the structure of the existing ‘Our commitment’ section and made the focus sharper by using the new story to set up the main sections.

We analysed the current content in line with the new structure and provided an overview of what content was working, what was missing and what needed to be updated for each new page.

Drawing on the existing Sustainable Development report, the Spotlight stories and using proof points for each page, we then rewrote the content as defined in the new structure.

Where necessary, we conducted interviews with key business stakeholders to gather additional information.


The new ‘Our commitment’ section tells a powerful and important story about how Rio Tinto manages its impact sustainably. The new structure simplifies and focuses the content and highlights the innovations, partnerships and approach that are the evidence of ‘pioneering progress’.  

Comparing the first 12 days of March in 2017 and 2018 there was a 51% increase in page views to the ‘Our Commitment’ section in 2018, which may in part be due to a general increase in traffic to the overall site by 24%. With the newly launched Sustainability report, there has been a 76% increase to the reporting page since 1stMarch.



  • Brand story development
  • Content strategy
  • Sustainability consultancy
  • UX consultancy
  • IA infrastucture
  • Copywriting