How do I develop a meaningful sustainability report?

Set out a clear sustainability framework.


Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) is one of the world’s leading diversified mining and smelting groups, with extensive operations in Kazakhstan and Africa. They asked us to produce their second sustainability report since delisting from the London Stock Exchange. The aim of the report was to set out the ERG sustainability framework and support the sustainable development of the Group.


We took a storybook approach to the report, shining a light on the key achievements during the year and developing a narrative that talked about the people and skills involved in delivering the sustainability framework. We identified the different stockholders and introduced hooks and links to make it easy for readers to find out more. As well as key messaging, we also advised ERG on best practice reporting and structure.


The look and feel of the report complements a new brand identity and succeeds in positioning ERG at serious about its sustainability reporting.


  • Sustainability report
  • Key messaging
  • Best practice advice
  • Print management