How do I show my business is progressing?

Make the links between operations and performance


GAME Digital’s (GAME’s) second annual report was an opportunity for us to build on the story of how the company is creating the most valuable community of gamers, capturing the spirit of a fast moving and fast-changing organisation.


We started with a creative opening section that captured the spirit of the GAME community – one that is exciting, quirky and global. A change of paper stock allows this section to stand out from the rest of the report.

We showed how a new company structure (Retail, Events and Technology divisions) enables the company to adapt to constantly changing customer requirements and market trends. This included a strong discussion of how global and local markets are evolving.

We produced a comprehensive business model that explains how GAME creates, captures and distributes value through the life of a video game – how the business takes inputs to generate outputs for its key stakeholders.

Finally, the Corporate Governance Report provides insightful and meaningful information about the company’s processes and activities.


The annual report makes sense of the GAME story so far; clear and effective linkage demonstrates how GAME’s strategy responds to its markets, the associated risks and relevant KPIs. All of this is communicated through words and images that express the distinctive spirit of GAME.


  • Best practice consultancy
  • Key messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Business model
  • Design
  • Photography