How do I explain a shift in strategy?

By linking it to market trends.


GAME Digital is a leading video games retailer. With investors keen to understand the company’s strategic plan, the objective of the annual report was to describe a strategic transformation and link it to trends in the market to strengthen the company’s position in both the UK and Spain.


With 99% of group revenue coming from the retail side of the business, GAME Digital needed to show its new strategy was tackling certain structural issues and future-proofing the business across every channel; retail, events, Esports and digital.

A hard-hitting CEO Q&A section answers tough questions openly and transparently – and even uses highlights in bright yellow to draw maximum attention to it.

To put the company’s business model and strategic priorities into context, a 10-page market analysis is included that breaks down the areas of the market GAME focuses on, what the future trends are and how the acquisition of Multiplay opens doors to new areas of the market.

A new, diversified business model embraces retail and gaming-services and shows how non-financial investment created value for multiple shareholders.

The strategy is presented in a tabular format with further detail provided over the following pages. We show how the company’s strategic priorities are intrinsically linked to their key performance indicators and their principal risks.

The Company provides a good balance between financial and non-financial KPIs, all of which are linked to the strategic priorities, to show how the company measures success. Each KPI includes a description, an explanation of why it is important to GAME, a 3-year comparison table and the company’s future ambition for each KPI.

Following this, the company outlines its approach and appetite to risk management and the 10 key principal risks facing the company, how they mitigate each risk, the movement of each through the year and a link from each risk to individual strategic priorities.

The corporate governance report and committee reports include helpful graphics to aid the reader’s understanding of how the Board are involved in the strategic direction of the company, the board composition, tenure and diversity.


GAME Digital’s share price reflects the challenges the company faces in a tough market. The Report sets out the case for taking a long-term approach by linking changes in strategy and structure to market trends,


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