How can my company compete in a fast changing market?

Be clear about the culture


Listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2014, GAME Digital is a specialist retailer of video games with more than 320 stores in the UK, well known for the expertise and enthusiasm it brings to the sector. The major publishers trust GAME Digital with the exclusive launch of their most famous titles such as FIFA and Assassin’s Creed. But the business is changing fast; new ways of gaming are emerging such as digital, e-sports and events. GAME Digital is changing its business to meet the challenge of these changes, to reflect the totality of its offer (it also operates in Spain) and to reflect its expansion into new areas (it now owns Multiplay, the digital events company).


We interviewed more than 40 employees, investors, partners, bloggers and other industry experts about the reputation, positioning and ambition of GAME Digital, identifying the common themes that emerged in our discussions and developing clear values and a single organising idea.


The values and single organising idea are being communicated down through the organisation and employees are being encouraged to imagine how they can start to bring them to life in their own roles, every day.


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Competitor audit
  • Vision & values
  • Single organising idea