How do you connect Governance and Performance?

BY Simon Lake

Recently, a lot has been said about corporate governance and how executive pay links to company performance. Good governance is a topic attracting much attending and, as a result, it is becoming central to managing reputation.

Q. How do you connect governance and performance?

A. By showing how the Board engages in the business and being transparent about how governance processes work.


Gather client, Workspace wanted to go beyond demonstrating compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code and bring to life the governance of the business. They wanted to show how their Board are actively engaged in understanding the business and the opportunities and challenges it faces.


We took a completely fresh look at the Corporate Governance Report and identified areas that could be improved. We worked closely with the team at Workspace to identify how the Board engages in the business and then structured the Governance Report in a way that helped to tell that story.


Workspace has produced a Governance Report that takes reporting on the Board and its activities to the next level. Against the backdrop of all the discussions about the role of Boards in corporate culture, Workspace put the theory into practice. We believe it is a good example of how companies can improve their transparency around governance and enhance their reputation.

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How do you connect Governance and Performance?

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