An analysis of corporate websites in the mining sector.

An analysis of corporate websites in the mining sector.

The mining and extractives sector provides us with everything from cars to mobile phones and utensils to coinage. The world depends on the extraction of valuable minerals, metals and resources from the earth. There are many elements affecting the industry including technology, operational excellence, personal welfare and companies need to work to meet the demands of multiple groups.

The focus for this report is the mining and extractives sector – an industry that the world depends on in a multitude of ways.

Like all companies operating in this climate of change, companies in the mining sector must work out ways of meeting the demands of multiple groups whilst developing meaningful dialogues with specific stakeholders in mind.

In a world where recent research (Edelman Trust Barometer, 2017) is saying that 48% of consumers don’t trust businesses, being effective is more important than ever. This, then, is the background against which we have analysed a cross-section of mining companies in order to paint a portrait of the effectiveness of their digital corporate communications.

This report reviews 20 mining companies across the globe of various sizes – covering 1,600 data points. The budgets, capabilities and commitment to communications also vary. The companies we chose mine a range of different resources and a large percentage of them are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

We reviewed each company against three key criteria we identified as being indicators of effort to communicate to stakeholders and manage reputation. We arrived at these criteria through our experience of working with FTSE 100 and 250 companies, our understanding of current best practice and our belief that in order to be competitive there are benchmark standards that companies should be aiming for through their digital communications.




An analysis of corporate websites in the mining sector.

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An analysis of corporate websites in the mining sector.

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