Demystifying corporate governance: A six-part series.

Will Davenport

Governance plays an extremely important role in realising the company strategy as well as forming an integral part of safeguarding the business model. The way in which the company is governed and the culture that it promotes, plays a key role in the success of the company.

Good corporate governance and a strong culture are preconditions for the long-term viability. It gives investors sight, certainty and reassurance that decisions are made within an understandable and robust framework.

Companies should begin to think how they can go beyond addressing corporate governance as a compliance issue, and focus on ways to bring it to life, by instilling an understanding that the board are actively engaging with the business.

With that in mind we have developed this series of thought leadership papers to promote improving the way companies communicate their governance activities.

Please download the full series below, or if you would like to speak to us about how you can improve your own corporate governance reporting please contact our Business Development Manager, Ellis Hockin-Boyers, on


Demystifying corporate governance: A six-part series

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Will Davenport

Demystifying corporate governance: A six-part series.

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