Using non-financial information to tell a more complete story.

Lynn Dickinson

Value is created, not just by a company’s bottom line, but also through non-financial means, demonstrated in the benefits that it provides for its wider stakeholders: employees, communities, suppliers, customers and the environment.

Investors demand honest and transparent reporting, with an expectation that the information presented in the annual report will be clear and concise. The annual report is the best opportunity your company has to tell a holistic story about your business.

In December 2016, the Government incorporated the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFR Directive) into UK Law. Although the UK is currently considered to be a leader in both non-financial reporting and governance, the introduction of this Directive will require additional information in relation to diversity and bribery and corruption matters.

This paper outlines specifically how we helped six of our clients improve the presentation and communication of non-financial information, including: an investment proposition, the market overview, their business model, strategy, resources and relationships and reporting on broader sustainability issues.

Please download the full case study below. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us about how we can help your annual report work harder to tell your company story please contact our Business Development Manager, Ellis Hockin-Boyers, on


How do I use non-financial information to tell a more complete story?

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Lynn Dickinson

Using non-financial information to tell a more complete story.

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