BRAND: Keller

How do I evolve our identity to present our global operating brands as one family?

Modernise the brand and develop clear guidelines that everyone can use.


Keller is the world’s largest ground engineering specialist. It operates under a variety of names and identities in more than 40 countries around the world. It has around 10,000 employees and a combined turnover of around £1.6 billion.

Much of Keller’s communications are produced locally and to different standards. Keller asked us to modernise their logo, but also to develop a visual system that they could easily implement. The aim was to raise the Keller profile, make the brand more cohesive and demonstrate their unique ability to deliver local knowledge through global strength.


We modernised the Keller logo, reducing the three diamonds of the ‘auger’ to two, thus suggesting connectivity and partnership.

We carried out a visual audit of all the Keller brands around the world, of which there were 35 plus and developed a visual system which covered every eventuality in terms of usage – now and in the future. This included company name, country descriptor and business descriptor.

We showed how to apply it to various print and digital applications and produced a simple and practical guideline that local companies would use.


Keller now has a system that allows its brands to be recognised ‘independently’ but also as part of the Keller family, thus drawing on Keller’s true strengths of local focus and global reach.


  • Brand architecture
  • Visual identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Application development