BRAND: Killik & Co

How do I reach a younger generation?

Dramatise the promise


Stockbrokers Killik & Co, never traditional in their approach, wanted to attract a new generation of high net worth individuals. They had a name, a number of retail outlets in London and considerable expertise, but they lacked the consistency in their communications that would help them build reputation. They asked us to see how they could position themselves to attract younger clients.


In 2010, we worked with them to create ‘Unmistakably Killik & Co’. We identified this positioning, supported it with values and designed a differentiating brand identity that featured silk as a core brand property – suggesting, in abstract form, agility and quality. As well as online, we used taxi advertising, 48 sheet posters and press advertising to bring the new brand to life.


Since launch, Killik has become the go-to place for investment advice for a whole new generation of high net worth individuals. Killik has managed to position itself attractively with these new clients, whilst retaining excellent relationships with those they had already.


  • Positioning and values
  • Brand identity
  • Photography
  • Brand guidelines