BRAND: Kinnevik

How do I sharpen my website content to reflect my new positioning?

Develop a strong visual and verbal identity.


Kinnevik is a successful investment company with its roots in Sweden. Operating globally, Kinnevik focuses on investing in digital companies that are at the forefront of driving consumer choice.

We were asked to articulate Kinnevik’s strategy clearly and to bring it to life on their existing website through words and photography.


We started with the strategy, carefully setting out Kinnevik’s vision and values. We examined all the existing website content and identified the pages that required re-writing. These included an ‘Our view’ section, stating Kinnevik’s focus of investing in the companies that provide more and better choice. We also wrote three ‘Success Stories’ – showing how this approach has yielded positive results for different consumer digital companies.

We reviewed the photography on the website, recommending three levels and articulating these in a guideline. This enables Kinnevik to cover a range of subjects, but within a distinctive and coherent style.


Kinnevik’s website ( now tells its story clearly and compellingly. The company’s approach and the way it does things is at the heart of the story and this is what makes them stand out from their competitors.


  • Brand development
  • Visual identity
  • Photography
  • Brand narrative
  • Digital design
  • Copy writing