Gather Around – Issue 39 – January 2023

10 January 2023

The regulatory landscape is complex and evolving. Every month we bring you the latest developments in regulation and ‘best practice’ in corporate governance and reporting.

We start the year with a couple of pieces on connection, one from a content point of view and one from a design perspective. The first is about understanding how logic and linkage help provide insight and facilitate assimilation of complex ideas, and the second considers the purpose of design.

We have a look at the FRC’s ‘What Makes a Good Annual Report and Accounts’ report and the Lab’s interesting round up of its year, as well as the FCA’s Primary Market Bulletin No. 42, covering a range of topics, the most interesting, from our point of view, being on climate reporting.

The round up this time encompasses an eclectic mix; the Church of England’s view on executive pay, the EU’s directive on the gender balance of boards of listed companies, KPMG’s research about socioeconomic diversity on boards, the FRC’s draft three-year plan, more from the FCA Bulletin on digital reporting, and the FRC providing a safe testing area for auditors.

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