Jim Collins

About Jim

I’ve worked in corporate communications across both print and digital, specialising in brand, corporate reporting and employee engagement. I design to connect with an audience. To deliver ideas. To ask questions and provoke responses. To invite the audience in and keep them absorbed.

Designing for any brand is like discovering a new world. Only by living in their place, inhabiting the brand can I understand its essence and create the central themes that should flow throughout its communications.

Before joining Gather, I ran my own design company, and worked with clients such as the World Bank, the Care Quality Commission, Ministry of Justice, the International Chamber of Commerce, NHS Digital and the World Trade Organisation, providing fresh design thinking with a practical approach that led to some amazing projects.

I like to take on challenges away from the studio and over the past few years have run marathons, climbed mountains and most recently walked 100km in under 23 hours. Believe me, it was harder than it sounds!