Consultancy: digital

Lyndsey-Jayne Mercer

About Lyndsey-Jayne

I come from a background in digital project management, having spent the past several years working in various digital design agencies across London. I’m very process-driven, however also originate from a creative background, which gives me a unique advantage in helping clients understand the digital world and process behind digital content creation.

During my day to day life at Gather, I have an eclectic split, where my responsibility on the digital team has me managing the end-to-end project process and client relationships for the likes of U&I, Intu, Microfocus, and Kaz, to name a few. I’m also very hands-on in my ability to handle CMS updates for client websites and getting involved in UX, allowing me to add my two cents to the mix!

When I’m not digital in the day, I like to take things offline and revert back to my roots of portrait painting. I’m also busy producing a novel based on my extremely vivid dreams, adding to this any chance I get. Fortunately, I’m not short of inspiration – there’s a new batch every night!