Director of reporting intelligence

Mei Ashelford BBA FCA

About Mei

My role as Director of reporting intelligence is to advise clients on the ever-evolving regulatory landscape and best practice in corporate governance and reporting. I am a chartered accountant and spent over six years as a Project director in the Corporate Governance and Reporting division of the Financial Reporting Council where I oversaw the delivery of several high-profile regulatory projects.

I have extensive experience of working at executive and board level across organisations of all types and sizes. Prior to this I spent time working as a forensic accountant and tutor at a leading professional training provider. I believe the best work comes from working collaboratively – listen actively, be curious and share knowledge.

When I’m not busy supporting clients in their work or looking after my little boy and husband, you will find me doing something crafty – cooking, baking, knitting, sewing, upcycling old furniture or doing some form of DIY. I’m quite handy with a drill and a spirit level. Drop me a note if you ever need some shelves putting up.