REPORTING: Workspace Annual Report 2018

How do we show that our whole organisation is working to deliver our strategy?

Demonstrate how all levels of the company are committed to maintaining our advantage


In 2017, Workspace Group introduced The Workspace Advantage – a unique set of benefits that sit at the heart of their strategy. In 2018, it was time to show how the business supports the proposition. We had to show how, from the day-to-day work of their centre managers, the engagement with their suppliers and communities, through to decisions made by the Board, everyone at Workspace helps maintain the advantage.


Many organisations have a core strategy that is described in their annual reports, but rarely do they demonstrate with such clarity how it is truly delivered by all levels of the organisation.

This year, the process began with identifying how The Workspace Advantage is put into practice across Workspace. We asked members of the Board to explain what The Workspace Advantage means to them, and also showcased how it truly guides the actions of people in all areas – form Development Managers that oversee the redevelopment of properties to the Centre Managers that always go the extra mile for their customers.

Through a bold use of design, strong visual treatment and a powerful narrative theme, we blended the Governance and Strategic Reports into one seamless document.

The inclusion of ‘Super-connected panels’  also enable all stakeholders to readily see how the various parts of the business – from market understanding, to risk profile, business model, resources and relationships through to governance and leadership – work together in everyday life to successfully deliver on the strategy with proven, tangible results.

In addition to the printed annual report, we also developed a dynamic and engaging online version, with a Year in Review video which was also used during the results announcement at the London Stock Exchange.


The report proves that, with some thoughtful consideration, truly ambitious companies can blur the lines between strategic and governance reporting, presenting a full and easy to digest view of how a unique organisation such as Workspace can deliver value to all stakeholders.


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