So what’s Gather really like? An intern’s view

BY Simon Lake

My name is Athena. I am 15 years old and have just completed a one-week work-placement at Gather. Here’s a little insight into what it was like…

Coming in on the first day I was somewhat apprehensive. The combination of being in an unfamiliar part of the city and having no idea what to expect from the week, as it was my first time working in this environment, led me to feel nervous and uneasy. However, upon my arrival I was greeted by smiling faces and was instantly made to feel welcome. The day began with a tour around the beautiful, spacious office, where I was introduced to the whole team.

Shortly afterwards I was given my first assignment: to carry out a research audit. Although new to this kind of work, I found that everyone was helpful and open to questions, which made me feel relaxed and confident in my task. I was also given an agenda and was happy to see that it would be an action-packed week with database work, research audits and daily meetings with members of the team being on the list. I was pleased to be given the opportunity to make a real contribution and found all my assignments to be both educational and enjoyable.

One of the highlights of my day would always be the meetings I would have with various members of the project management, brand, reporting and digital teams, in which I would be given valuable insight into each area of the company and its function. I found the introduction to new business that I received towards the end of the week from one of the partners to be particularly informative, as it covered and clarified every aspect of strategic communications.

All in all, I have found my week to be an excellent introduction to strategic communications and branding and a significant insight into the world of business. If I could sum up Gather in three words it would be cohesive, innovative and interactive.