Aliaxis online annual report

Making life flow

Aliaxis is a global leader in advanced fluid management systems that provide communities with sustainable innovative solutions for water and energy.

The Challenge

Aliaxis wanted to go above and beyond in reporting its new ‘Growth with Purpose’ strategy which sets ambitious targets for 2025. The company recognises the future is about creating complete solutions to water access and sanitation. Our challenge was how to communicate this to engage a wide range of stakeholders in the exciting importance of this work.

Our Approach

We undertook a deep dive into Aliaxis’s business. We identified the best ways to leverage the benefits of a digital-first report to create cross-channel communication and make the company’s brand work hard to boost interest and increase reach and engagement.

We explored different stakeholder perspectives including customers, innovation teams and NGOs, including Matt Damon’s who collaborated with their Brave Blue World film, to create a single, connecting narrative. From the CEO launching the strategy, to the outgoing and incoming Chairmen reiterating board support in a dynamic report that enhances Aliaxis’s key messages.

The Result

Our big picture report brings to life how Aliaxis addresses current and future societal challenges. The digital-first concept produced a 300% year-on-year increase in visitors to Aliaxis’s website.

“A significant improvement from previous years as it engages the reader right from the start while telling our story in a compelling manner. Easy to flip through, it showcases both our Growth with Purpose strategy and our performance.”

Eric Olsen, CEO Aliaxis


Aliaxis won Gold for ‘Best annual report- Unlisted’ at the Corporate & Financial Awards.

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