Aliaxis 2021 online annual report

Growth with purpose. Aliaxis SA

Aliaxis is a family-owned, global leader of advanced piping systems for applications across four segments – building, infrastructure, industry and agriculture. They provide solutions that help make clean water, sanitation and energy accessible to communities across the globe.


In a sector that can ironically be deemed ‘dry’, one of the challenges was to communicate to, and engage stakeholdes in, the importance and relevance of their work.

Aliaxis work in a way that anticipates the rapidly evolving needs of both their customers and society. They are at the forefront of the global sustainability focus and needed to reflect this prominent position as well as their new strategy “Growth with Purpose” in an exciting and engaging way.

As a private business, a key objective was to report above and beyond requirements, maximising on a ‘digital first’ approach and create a dynamic set of cross-channel communications.



Aliaxis launched their new strategy through the AR, aimed at driving future growth and how they are tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges – access to clean water, sanitation and the climate emergency.

A comprehensive review on online reporting trends, and a deep-dive into the new strategy was undertaken, identifing the best way to communicate the story, leverage the benefits of opting for a digital-first report and make the brand work harder to create interest, increase reach and engagement.

The resulting solution to convey the story was to use stakeholder perspectives, including customers and the new Head of Innovation to provide a comprehensive and holistic narrative. From the CEO launching the new strategy, to the outgoing and incoming Chairmen reiterating Board support through a tete-a-tete, the careful content creation and digitally dynamic report design supported and enhanced key messages.

In order to allow audiences to understand the ‘why?’ behind Aliaxis’ approach, global context was provided, explaining how Aliaxis address societal challenges.

“A significant improvement from previous years as it engages the reader right from the start while telling our story in a compelling manner. Easy to flip through, it showcases both our Growth with Purpose strategy and performance."

Eric Olsen, CEO at Aliaxis


The resulting AR is impactful and sits as a standalone microsite, to ensure that the narrative and content is consumed in the intended manner, providing a suitable flow to the report. It is supported by multiple videos and digital assets.

 The ‘digital first’ concept has increased creativity, cohesiveness, consistency and importantly, accessibility. This is demonstrated in the 284% YOY increase in visitors to the site. Strong focus and engagement on the three strategic pillar pages, highlight keen interest in the new Aliaxis strategy and what the business is doing to drive results across these areas.

The digital approach has successfully connected the global business and raised their profile and reach with multi-channel creative comms. A very notable and newsworthy result was the collaboration with, and Co-Founder Matt Damon’s water documentary “Brave Blue World”.

The Aliaxis report goes above and beyond to report like a listed business, they have successfully created something which communicated the foundations of their business and focused on how they generate profitable growth in the long term.

There was a focus on long term sustainability in the report, the role they played in the supply chain and social benefits. Their ambitions and activities are connected to the UN SEGs.

Last but not least, the Aliaxis 2021 report was shortlisted for best annual report at the IR Magazine Awards, Europe.


"I am very pleased with its look and feel as well as the quality of the substantive content: a mix of videos and illustrative snippets on how we meet our customers’ needs and how we run our business.”

Eric Olsen, CEO at Aliaxis

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Chris Clarke

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