Clarkson PLC annual report 2018

A step change in the quality of reporting.

Clarkson PLC (Clarksons) are the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, with operations spanning 22 countries across six continents.

In 2018, Gather was appointed to develop and deliver the Company’s annual report. The ambition was to position the business as a digitally leading but people focused organisation, underpinning that culture and relationships remain at the heart of Clarksons’ success.


As a market-leader, Clarksons were keen to evolve and enhance their reporting disclosures and looked for support from Gather to move them towards best practice. By clearly setting out who they are, and what makes them unique, we elevated their report to a level expected of a high-profile market leader.


We carried out a detailed audit of their previous report and made a series of recommendations. Through two workshops, focused on the strategic report and governance reporting, we worked with the Clarksons team to identify the key areas for development.


The 2018 annual report represents a significant change in the way Clarksons talks about itself within their report. Presenting a much stronger sense of identity using the theme ‘Smarter decisions, Powered by intelligence’, the report strikes the balance between showcasing the digital innovation they are undertaking, and recognising that their people, values and culture still sit at the heart of the business.

Reporting disclosures were also enhanced, using clear sign-posting, development of more material content and the reduction of boilerplate. Through a much stronger visual identity, applied across both the strategic and governance reports, the narrative is much more engaging and cohesive.

"We are really excited about our annual report which has moved on significantly and presents a clear narrative supported by strong visuals. This key part of our communications narrative focuses on the three core elements central to our brand – positioning Clarksons as a global leader, innovative and people focused – whilst evolving our visual identity."

Rachel Spencer, Group Company Secretary

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Chris Clarke

Account director