Clarkson PLC annual report & digital communications 2020.

Developing cross-channel communications for sector world leader.

Clarkson PLC (Clarksons) are the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, with operations spanning 22 countries across six continents.


The ambition for the 2020 report was to show strength, resilience, and seamless delivery for their clients despite the challenges of the year. The pandemic also accelerated and accentuated the need to focus on their digital communications.

First and foremost, producing an engaging online annual report was vital to their objectives this year. Clarkson’s wanted to highlight how they had kept momentum during Covid-19 and the importance of their technology in supporting clients working remotely. Another key objective was to increase engagement and promote the annual report, aligning with key company dates and campaigns. It was important to explain how their unique research and market intelligence capabilities and global network, help clients today by understanding tomorrow, particularly within sustainability in the shipping sector.


Clarksons reinforced their purpose (developed during the 2019 report) through a series of spreads, featuring their people. Teamwork, collaboration, positive culture and attracting and retaining talent remained central to their communication objectives under #oneclarksons, and the shift to digital was heavily emphasised with the use of ‘Zoom’ photography – a necessary implementation given the pandemic.

Senior leadership engaged to extrapolate the key messages: Clarksons understands that what they do has a global impact; their people strive to meet the unique needs of their clients and they still managed to deliver exceptional and bespoke service; and they have the ability to provide those same clients with authoritative, market-leading intelligence.

We worked with the team to develop a compelling and compliant flow and structure to the report providing reassurance to stakeholders.

To maximise the engagement and reach of the 2020 report, shareable social media assets were created, known as ‘campaignable reporting’. Key stories were identified and a suite of still and interactive assets were developed.


The 2020 annual report continues to showcase Clarksons as a true sector leader, as well as an important global player, both in terms of the role it plays in the global economy and the role it can play in making trade more sustainable.

The report also highlighted Clarksons ongoing commitment to developing proprietary technology and software that leverages its unrivalled research capabilities, and which enables their customers to make better-informed decisions.

The 2020 report showcased the consistent, excellent service provided by their global teams during the pandemic, especially as situations continued to change and evolve disparately across the world.

Most importantly, Clarkson’s successfully improved their digital corporate communications and extended the life of their annual report via carefully planned social media engagement, embracing the benefits of developing their online presence.


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Chris Clarke

Account director