Clarkson PLC annual report 2019

Helping clients today by understanding tomorrow: The evolution of the Clarkson PLC annual report.

Clarkson PLC (Clarksons) are the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, with operations spanning 22 countries across six continents.


The ambition for the 2019 report was three-fold: articulate their purpose in a more substantial way (ie how clients and people are at the heart of everything they do, and how they develop solutions that will meet their clients’ needs in the rapidly changing world, including supporting and enabling clients to achieve sustainability and ESG ambitions); continue to enhance and evolve Clarksons’ reporting disclosure and general narrative; and finally to explain how their unique research and market intelligence capabilities and global network, help clients today by understanding tomorrow.


A clear articulation of the company’s purpose was developed. It was important the purpose acknowledged their understanding and prioritising of their clients’ varied needs, as well as the role played by Clarksons’ people.

“To enable smarter, cleaner global trade by empowering our clients and our people to make better informed decisions using our market-leading technology and intelligence; and in doing so, meet the demands of the world’s rapidly evolving maritime, offshore, trade and energy markets. Smarter decisions. Powered by Intelligence.”

Through a series of feature spreads, we were able to extrapolate these key messages from the purpose: Clarksons understands that what they do has a global impact; their people strive to meet the unique needs of their clients; and they have the ability to provide those same clients with authoritative, market-leading intelligence.

Case studies in the report further highlighted how Clarksons is an agent for change with clients, and in the wider world. For instance, by supporting growth in the offshore wind industry or helping clients order alternative fuel ships, their expertise not only benefits their client but also the marine and wider environment, and supports the targets set by the United Nations’ International Maritime Organisation.


The 2019 annual report continues to showcase Clarksons as a true sector leader, as well as an important global player, both in terms of the role it plays in the global economy and the role it can play in making trade more sustainable.

The report also highlighted Clarksons’ ongoing commitment to developing proprietary technology and software that leverages its unrivalled research capabilities, and which enables their customers to make better-informed decisions.

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Chris Clarke

Account director