Pool Re terrorism threat & mitigation report 2018

Explaining terrorism threats to a wide audience.

Pool Re was established in 1993 as a response to the market failure that was triggered by the bombing of the Baltic Exchange. Since its foundation, Pool Re has provided effective protection for the UK economy and currently underwrites over £2 trillion of exposure in commercial property to terrorism risk across the UK mainland.

In early 2018, Gather was appointed as Pool Re’s partner to produce their quarterly Terrorism Frequency Reports (TMR), culminating in the 2018 Terrorism Threat & Mitigation Report. The engaging and dynamic digital-first report provides a comprehensive review of global terrorism research and analysis.


Initially, Pool Re considered repurposing the visual identity developed for its quarterly reports to produce an updated version of the TMR. Following workshops with key stakeholders, we recommended a digital-first approach, opening up greater possibilities in terms of interactivity, the use of animations and wider social media engagement. This was also the first time Pool Re’s Terrorism Risk and Analysis Centre (TRAC) division was able to provide insights and data on global terrorism, spanning a four-year period. We needed to understand the key insights of the research articles, and data, to be able to develop the key messages, enhanced visuals and interactive elements.



We built a dynamic digital version of the TMR, which enabled Pool Re to share the report to a wider range of stakeholders and gave the business a new platform to share its story.

Given the volume and complexity of data, we also built a comprehensive data centre that presented information in an engaging and accessible way.

Finally, to promote the TMR, we supplied social media assets and developed a TMR summary video which was used during the official launch of the report to the media and public.


In the first month since launch, the TMR site has received over 1,100 unique visitors. Key landing pages (such as the data centre) have generated significant engagement (average time on page of four minutes). Significant engagement indicates the target audience is engaging with content in a meaningful way.


"Thank you to you all for a truly awesome TMR report and video. I know the amount of work that went into this one was enormous. The end result looks amazing and the feedback from all our stakeholders has been great."

Andrew Donaldson
Deputy Head of Risk Analysis at Pool Re

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