Spire Healthcare Group plc annual report 2018

Highlighting the underlying potential for long-term growth.

Spire Healthcare is the largest private hospital group in the UK, in terms of revenue, providing diagnostics, in-patient, day case and outpatient care across England, Scotland and Wales.  

In 2018, Gather was appointed to develop and deliver the company’s annual report. With a new executive leadership team, it was important to reinforce that the business has the right strategy for success and present a solid proposition for shareholders, patients and employees.


The new leadership team needed to reaffirm their commitment to quality and excellence, whilst also looking for future opportunities to grow. It was important to show how Spire serves to support and ease some of the pressures on the NHS whilst at the same time continuing to grow, and invest in, the private patient sector.


In order to ensure we highlighted Spire’s commitment to quality, and its underlying solid fundamentals, we attended a series of meetings with the new executive team. This engagement from early on in the process enabled us to identify the ‘golden thread’ of the narrative. We also appointed a writer to interview key members of the team in order to develop a cohesive and consistent story.


The 2018 annual report demonstrates Spire’s commitment to quality and excellence in medical care, whilst also presenting the business in a more simple and accessible way. The business model, for example, has been enhanced and now outlines the critical success factors which help Spire deliver value for its stakeholders.


Through the use of bold and confident photography, we were able to convey a sense of ownership to each of the key parts of the business (strategy, market, risk, clinical review), proving that the new leadership team is well-positioned to build a successful future for the business.

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Chris Clarke

Account director