SSP Group plc annual report

Telling a stakeholder focused story post-pandemic.

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SSP Group plc is a leading operator of food and beverage outlets in airports and train stations worldwide. The company has 550+ brands in their portfolio, including Starbucks and Burger King, and their own brands - Upper Crust, Millie’s Cookies and Ritazza.


The company faced a challenging year dominated by Covid-related travel restrictions that significantly impacted passenger numbers at airports and railway stations. Despite the difficulties, SSP wanted to take the opportunity to seek and illustrate their positive actions, business successes and consider a fresh approach to storytelling. They also wanted to showcase their updated sustainability framework and commitments as agreed during the year and demonstrate how they put their stakeholders at the heart of what they do. Ultimately, the key focus was communicating the core strength of the business and how they would come out of Covid as a better and stronger business.

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Communicating clearly and putting stakeholders first was delivered upfront in the opening section of the report. It demonstrated how SSP works with each of its stakeholder groups and what the business has done in the year to enhance those relationships.

The report introduced enhanced content including an updated business model, a spotlight on the Executive Committee and an updated articulation of their corporate strategy with key focus areas supported by success stories from the year. There was also a new people section detailing how the company engages with its c.23,000 employees across the world which included a Q&A with the new NED for employee engagement.

Embedding sustainability into the business was achieved following interviews with key internal stakeholders. We helped them articulate their new sustainability strategy and strategic framework, and identify their commitments and targets.

The corporate governance section was enhanced by including a Chairman’s introduction, the content was reorganised into a more logical and streamlined structure, making information easier to locate and best practice guidance was implemented, for example, a more comprehensive Code Compliance Statement and inclusion of Board composition and diversity. We also included a summary of Board Activities to highlight the key work completed during the year and how they took account of stakeholders in their decision-making.

Finally, we undertook a photoshoot which captured the people at the heart of the business, both in the corporate office and within their operations. A combination of skilled employees with happy customers perfectly illustrated the impact SSP has on the people who use their services every day of the year.


“We found Gather to be incredibly supportive and solutions-oriented, and working with them has been a breath of fresh air. This report has been a huge step forward for us and we are delighted with where we got to, both in terms of the look and feel and the content, and I know I speak for the Group Executive Committee and Board when I say that”.

Marisa Fitch, Group Head of Communications, SSP Group plc

SSP annual report

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