The Rank Group Plc annual report

Unlocking growth through business transformation.

The Rank Group Plc is a unique blend of experiences, branded venues and digital channels in the UK and Spain. Iconic brands include Mecca, Grosvenor Casinos and YoCasino. Their ambition is to become a £1bn revenue international gaming business by 2023.


The annual report was our first for them. After a difficult year, the communication need was to restate the basics: who is Rank, what do they do and how do they do it. We had to bring Rank’s transformation story to life, demonstrating how ‘Unlocking our growth potential’ would drive the Group’s growth and put the Group on the right trajectory to meet its strategic objectives, thereby creating value for all.

It was also important to show the role of leadership during a very difficult time and demonstrate that the business has great people and operational resilience throughout, to deliver the transformation strategy. It was also an opportunity to reassure all stakeholders that despite Covid still being problematic for society, Rank had an excellent future.


Our approach was to show how Rank, despite a year of unprecedented disruptions, is getting the business ready for growth.

Using bold, colourful graphics and imagery, we brought to life the excitement of their unique blend of experiences, branded venues and the launch of Rank’s digital channels. All serve to create an extended and compelling customer experience that excites and entertains every time.

To illustrate how Rank is unlocking its growth potential and creating long-term value, we used impactful, full-page images focused on four strategic messages:

Liquidity – How Rank has strengthened their financial position.

Investment – How the development of their proprietary platform, RIDE, remained a key focus in the year.

Governance – Detailing how they are focusing on strengthening their digital expertise.

Sustainability – Outlining how Rank is focused on prioritising its sustainability goals and how, over the coming months, it will launch a new sustainability programme.

We ensured the Governance content was compliant, accessible, and aligned to the narrative in the Strategic Report. We enhanced the Business Model.

Using photography, we illustrated strong ‘on the ground’ leadership and their involvement in the business with their colleagues and with other stakeholders. The images showed Directors talking to and supporting colleagues in venues throughout the UK with members of the Executive team. The message was clear: we are in this together.

The Governance Report has the same high intensity of design as the Strategic Report, using visuals, graphics, and tables to show how excellent governance is central to their operations.



“Our CEO said the annual report was the best one he had seen during his time at Rank and when I have been asked, “how has the new agency been?”, it has been an easy response, “they have been really great!!”

Sarah Powell, Director of Investor Relations, Treasury and Corporate Communications, The Rank Group Plc

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