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Winning Gold for Best FTSE250 website suite.

Tritax Group, a real estate fund manager delivering sustainable, long-term income and capital growth through investments in the logistics sector.


The challenge was to create a set of three consistent websites for Tritax Group, Bigbox and Eurobox. Defining and reshaping their brand simultaneously, developing their value proposition, differentiation and looking at how the group communicated as a whole. Extracting the essence of who Tritax are as a company and channelling this into future-facing design and engaging content which resonated and reassured investors and stakeholders alike.

Refreshing the site and increasing speed and performance were a given, but crucially redistributing traffic to the correct sites and pages through clearer UX, navigation, structure, signposting and content were key objectives.


First, a refresh of the brand, identity and positioning needed to be undertaken and Tritax’s value proposition clarified.

An extensive workshop enabled definition around the opportunities, in depth objectives, audiences, analysis, messaging, point of difference, and how their new brand principles including sustainability, progressiveness, agility and collaboration could be effectively weaved into the fabric of the sites.

A whole new sustainability section was created, setting out the ambitions, targets, goals, impacts and highlights and even the hosting provider selected was carbon neutral. Tritax’s progressive nature was literally reflected in the choice of dynamic photography and imagery and their agility filtered through the physical implementation of the sites which were modular and adaptive.

Tritax’s expertise is delivered through their people. This was brought to the forefront through unique profile sections that showcased their area of expertise and complemented with links to relevant thought leadership, insights and news.

The structure of the sites has been greatly improved, offering visitors easy navigation.

Increasing cross-linking from Big Box and Eurobox to Tritax Group was achieved through the use of a ‘more websites’ index in the top navigation bar of all sites. Provided clear page-level call to actions and cross links between the fund and group sites.

In order to improve accessibility, a core navigation device was created where all first, second and third level pages are immediately visible. Some of the longer pages are split into dedicated pages in accordance with best practice.



Coupled with a company acquisition and incredibility tight timeframes, the project has been a tremendous success. Tritax have achieved an impactful, clear, cohesive suite of well-designed websites. Usual timeframes for a project of this scope would be six months for each website – all three were delivered in three months.

Substantial and specific improvements have been made year-on-year in line with the brief and results have been exceptional.

Some impressive general statistics include:

  • Tritax Group – Page views have increased YOY by 11.03%. Average session duration has increased YOY by 34.3%. Referred users from Tritax Big Box increased 844.44% – proving success of our strategy to increase cross-linking.
  • Tritax Eurobox – 51% YOY increase in users and 57.05% YOY increase in new users, 27.8% increase in page views. Reduction of 22.65% on Bounce rate.
  • Tritax Big Box – 2.71% YOY increase in pages per session. Overall reduction in page views and unique users. This could be because visitors looking for Tritax Group are no longer landing on Tritax Big Box accidentally. Yet, traffic to the results centre increased 58% YOY reaffirming audiences are still locating key information.

“The new site looks fresh and modern and really helps to tell the Tritax story.” Partner.

Winner of ‘Best FTSE 250 Website’ at the Corporate Financial Awards 2021.

“It’s the best real estate website I’ve ever seen.”

Partner – Tritax Group

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Sarah Wood