REPORTING: Workspace

How do I demonstrate a company’s appeal to investors?

Show why its proposition is unique.


This year Workspace wanted to broaden their client base from being for ‘new and growing companies’ to ‘appealing to everyone.’ They also wanted to show investors their unique appeal to customers as a supportive environment to do business – and describe their plans until 2021.


The theme is ‘The Workspace Advantage’ – rooted in Workspace’s ownership of its buildings. To explain how this works for investors we establish three supporting messages.

Connectivity – Workspace offers a technological infrastructure that helps power businesses

Personalisation – Customers are able to choose what they want from us to help their businesses grow.

Communities – The offer is open to all businesses

To highlight the long-term opportunity for investors we introduce a ‘property pipeline’ on the inside front cover gatefold. This focuses the story on projects that will come into the market in future, rather than completed projects from the previous year.

A new five-point investment proposition summarises how ‘The Workspace Advantage works for customers, the present and future activities of the business, who Workspace wants to attract and their expert knowledge of customers and the market.

Often companies say that governance and performance are linked without showing how this works. We demonstrate how governance plays an active role in delivering performance. This Report is amongst the first to create a seamless narrative between the Strategic Report and the Governance Report.

To help achieve this we introduce a new section called ‘Corporate governance in action’ that shows, through case studies, how the board have actively managed the six key areas of focus that support the performance and long-term growth of the business.

Although ‘The Workspace Advantage’ is clearly communicated on the consumer website, this was a new proposition for investors. Featuring edited copy from key sections of the printed report, the online report focuses on explaining the ‘Workspace Advantage’ and how it will continue to benefit investors.

Visit the online report.


Not only do we deliver a consistent story through multiple channels, we have improved corporate governance reporting to explain how the board engages in the business and presents an innovative viability statement and process.


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