REPORTING: Workspace

How do I deliver the true spirit of my annual report online?

Use dynamic social content to bring it to life.


Workspace is a successful provider of office spaces for over 4,000 new and growing companies in London. Their 2016 annual report needed to reflect how ‘strong performance’ is driven by ‘active management’. As the story began to take shape, so did the the design concepts for both the print and online versions of the report. Our task was to deliver the online version in a way that captured the activity performance and spirit of the previous year’s achievements.


In order to develop the presentation of the annual report online, we suggested that in 2016 it should take the form of a microsite, featuring carefully selected content from the full annual report and a library of downloads for further reading. By using interactive media to help bring the content to life we were able to support the idea that Workspace is an agile, dynamic, responsive company, that understands today’s growing businesses . This is something we incorporated into the early concepts and developed through the introduction of social media.

Using social media posts from Workspace provided a unique opportunity to demonstrate different activities throughout the year. It also acted as a reference for a specific time and place which helped develop the narrative of the year.

We decided to use the social media content combined with links to content from the annual report for the main landing page. Streaming video from Workspace’s YouTube accounts gave the page some dynamism alongside the fine detail of the static photography selected for the printed report.


The 2016 online report develops past online reports whilst complimenting the style of the printed report and introducing interactive media. It helps to position Workspace as relevant to new and growing businesses. Since its release in June, the online report has been featured throughout the Workspace investor website and has proved to be a valuable resource for information on the company performance in 2016.

View the online report.


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  • Information architecture
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  • UX (User Experience)
  • Responsive website design
  • Development & testing