How do I create an annual report for a new member of the FTSE 100?

Tell investors the business case and how value is created


Worldpay is a leader in global payments, offering their merchant customers a broad and highly competitive range of technology-led solutions. We have been advising Worldpay for the last 5 years, producing 5 annual reports in that time and helping them steer towards an IPO in 2015, following a significant period of growth. As a newly listed and re-branded company (listed high in the FTSE 100 for a newcomer), it was more important than ever to articulate clearly to all stakeholders in the annual report their complex market and technology story.


Gather started the project by bringing together all internal stakeholders to identify the areas they most needed help in. We took them step-by-step through the regulatory requirements for the strategic report, the governance report and overall best practice. Building on the extensive work done by the business on preparing their prospectus, and our own experience of them, Gather helped Worldpay shape their overall story, their business model, strategy and risks, and worked very closely with the new company secretary to assist the development of the corporate governance statement and committee reports.


For new audiences to Worldpay, the annual report provides a clear and concise understanding of the business, its markets, its strategy and business model, the risks it faces and how it measures success. The governance section explains how Worldpay’s Board is providing leadership to the business.



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