How do I make the most of my new brand in an annual report?

Use it to support the business case to stakeholders


WorldPay is a payment processing company that enables businesses and their customers to move money securely and precisely, in moments, around the world. Our task in the annual report? To help WorldPay follow best practice and include a strategic report that clearly told their story to stakeholders.


The annual report presented the first opportunity to fully roll out a new WorldPay brand, and, as such, it was a test-bed for their new identity. We worked closely with the client to implement everything from imagery to tone of voice. In telling the company story, we helped WorldPay demonstrate its capabilities and global reach as well at the impressive range of companies that use its services. We explained who the company are, where they are heading, the progress they have made so far and used the strategic report to add a level of detail and clarity to the story.


We proved that WorldPay is already a major player on the global stage –and produced an annual report that succeeded in acting not only as an annual report, but helped explain the company and position it for the future.


  • Best practice consultancy
  • Key messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Print management
  • Asset management