Your IPO is done. You’re a public company. You’re exhausted. What next?

BY Simon Lake

Being clear about what your business does, how it creates value and the potential risks that may impact it are just some of the key points to consider when developing your annual report post IPO. We work with companies to get their brand and investment story in good shape post IPO.

We have helped companies to answer the following questions:

How do I set expectations for my first annual report post IPO?

How do I successfully launch my company in the market?

How do I produce a report that is suitable for the FTSE 350?

How do I present my company story?

How do I continue to engage investors?

The annual report is an important part of a suite of communications that are essential in explaining your business to investors.

We believe that producing a report that tells a compelling story about performance for the year requires an understanding of the purpose of key stakeholder communications.

But the IPO is just the beginning of what public life is like. Companies must ensure that they are successfully communicating with all their audiences at an appropriate frequency and through multiple channels.

To read more please download the full paper below. If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you with your corporate reporting please contact our Business Development Manager, Mitchell Kirkham-Cooper on mitchell@gather.london

Your IPO is done. You’re a public company. You’re exhausted. What next?

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