How do I show we are positive during poor market conditions?

Demonstrate the company’s robust longevity.


Hunting is a manufacturer of products used in the upstream oil and gas industries. It has a long and respected history, an experienced management team and a clearly articulated strategy. Its innovative products and services are available worldwide. Following a creative pitch in early 2015, Gather was appointed to work on their 2015 annual report.

With the oil price in sharp decline throughout 2015, Hunting needed to reassure nervy investors that the company was a safe investment and that poor market conditions would not affect the company too adversely.


Framed around the title “Managing the Cycle” the Report discussed how Hunting has navigated many previous slumps in the oil price and that, due to their strong and experienced management team, they will do so again. Gather helped them create a brand new business model that showed how the company creates value, provided an overview of their products and services, gave an analysis of who their customers are and illustrated where in the world they operate. We also advised them on the creation of their new viability statement and on the corporate governance section.


Strong linkage throughout the strategic report gives the reader a well-rounded and compelling understanding of Hunting and how it will manage the oil cycle now and in the future.


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