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Meet the experts

"Listening skills are as important as the big idea."

Tony Allen

Director of brand

We help our clients crystallise their thinking about change and the strategies they’ll need. Brand is the experience people have of you. It starts on the inside. Strong brands prosper indefinitely if they are authentic and their leading ideas are shared widely internally. Listening to how people feel about their companies is as important for us as coming up with the next big idea.

Our team has an international profile. All have worked in leadership roles. All have experience implementing change with innovative companies and firms including Air Liquide, Allen & Overy, AXA, Barclays, BP, British Airways, CMS, Hogan Lovells, Marks & Spencer, PwC, Taylor Wessing, The National Theatre and The University of Bristol.


  • Brand strategy
  • Identity
  • Naming

"Companies' reputations are at stake as well as the livelihoods of those who depend on them."

Will Davenport

Director of investor communication

I believe in strong reporting. Not just box ticking, but reports that engage on many different levels. What – and how – a company reports is a reflection of its brand, culture, personality and values as well as its performance.

Take the annual report. It’s read by a variety of audiences and should resonate with each of them. So yes, there are important legal requirements, but there’s also the requirement to tell an exciting story that connects with people on a rational and emotional level.

We’re always aware that a report is part of a wider communications platform: a company’s sustainability report, corporate website, investor presentation and employee engagement agenda should collectively create a joined-up and consistent narrative that supports its strategy.

We take this stuff seriously. At the end of the day, it’s the company’s credibility at stake as well as the livelihood of those who depend on it.


  • Peer group and content review
  • Content consultancy and strategy
  • Messaging development
  • Design and writing
  • Production and implementation
  • Analytics

"I love getting into the detail of a business."

Clare Bennett

Director of digital

Managing digital communications is vital for all businesses to engage with lots of different audiences with lots of different agendas.

They must engender trust, deliver timely business information, fulfil boardroom directives and meet digital clearly monitored goals. Social channels should play a supporting act; used to pique audience interest and drive traffic to the website around key editorial events.

Our team of digital consultants identify opportunities to deliver targeted and trustworthy communications across all digital channels. We align boardroom strategy to your brand story, digital strategy to audience interests, and we design and deliver flexible, accessible and secure platforms, that connect audiences globally across your digital footprint.

After all, people stay away from things they don’t understand and are drawn to things they do.


  • Strategy
  • Audience insights
  • Sitemaps and wireframes
  • UX design and usability testing
  • Technology development and implementation
  • Measurement, support and maintenance

"Audiences want to see action and be able to measure progress."

Lynn Dickinson

Director of sustainability

I have more than 20 years’ experience in sustainability communications, from the first CSR reports to the latest thinking around Purpose.

The Purpose movement, which has seen business evolve from doing less harm to more good, has the potential to resonate with stakeholders and build their trust. But audiences want to see action and be able to measure trust. It’s no longer about saying the right things; it’s about doing the right things and providing the evidence.

We relish the challenge of bringing this to life and making it tangible through brand, reporting and digital storytelling. Our team of experts means we can join the dots and deliver powerful communications that make a positive difference.


  • Strategic communications advice
  • Content development and creative direction
  • Creative sustainability frameworks & naming
  • Narratives and messaging
  • Campaigns and engagement
  • Reporting