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"The value of a strong brand is second to none - especially now."

Emma Hodson

Director - brand

A time for reinvention?

“The impact of Covid-19 has certainly led to one thing – a massive shift in behaviour. And the nature of our relationships with brands is changing. Those that once were a staple in our lives are now redundant and those that played a lesser role are now a daily need.

As human beings we value transparency and empathy. We want to do business with those that value values; businesses that lead with ‘why’, rather than trying to sell to you.

Overcoming this and responding to it appropriately is what makes effective communication. Beyond servicing customers, servicing the community is being seen far more acutely than before.

Every business is going through disruption, whether it is positive or negative. And now is an opportune moment to reflect on your brand experience. A time to reinforce or a time to reinvent?”


  • Brand strategy; including brand positioning, brand architecture, purpose, migration following M&A
  • Naming, visual and verbal identity, and key messages
  • Communicating, engaging and embedding brand as a business tool
  • External communications and campaign development
  • Brand programme design, management and measurement

"High quality reporting can only come from good content supported by robust evidence."

Mei Ashelford BBA FCA

Director of reporting intelligence

Doing then saying.

“The Covid-19 crisis is, and will continue to be, a true test of how well companies have implemented the core principles of the new UK Corporate Governance Code – of living and breathing a wider corporate purpose beyond shareholder value, considering the impact of decision-making on all stakeholders with the ultimate goal of ensuring long-term sustainable success.

I talk a lot about ‘doing then saying’. This crisis will come to an end at some point but who will emerge with their businesses and reputations still intact? In my view, it will be those companies that have done the right thing and behaved responsibly, and then communicated in a transparent and honest way. Good corporate governance and clear corporate communications have never been more important.”


  • Best practice content development
  • Reporting planning
  • Messaging and design
  • Peer group reviews
  • Print management and delivery

“At the core of every sustainable company, there must be trust."

Ed Lodge

Digital account director

Let’s focus on the present.

“At the core of every sustainable company and every brand, there has to be trust. This trust is earned both in our customers and investors by openness and honesty, giving them the right information at the right time.

You should always have this as a central thought when planning communications. It’s even built in to the most important digital portal to your company, the search engine algorithm! All search engines are trying to do is give you the information you are looking for, so the most important bit of advice most SEO experts will give you is to be “open, descriptive and honest”.

In times like these, it’s so hard to predict what is happening next, so what we all need to do is focus on the present. This means that as people’s behaviour becomes more reactive, we need to provide the most up-to-date and relevant data we can, as and when people need it.

Keep it open and descriptive – put useful information out there so people can find it. And now more than ever, keep it truthful, accurate and up to date so that people can act upon that information when they need it.”


  • Design
  • UX research and user modelling
  • Content strategy, including messaging and content development
  • Website management and site build
  • Social media planning
  • Benchmarking, insight development and analytics analysis

"Great creative is only as good as the impact it creates."

Arian Oldroyd

Design director

Design is intelligence made visible.

“And visibility has never been so important or hard to come by than in our current climate. More than ever, we need to respond to our clients’ problems in the most creative way. To come up with innovative ways to solve problems, to cut through the clutter and be relevant.

Great creative is only as good as the impact it creates. Beyond the content, we need to find new and interesting ways to connect with people, to push the conversation, engage and add value.

Audiences respond to the rational side of a story but also its emotional tug. Communications need to provoke a response and be thought-provoking to achieve cut-through.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and whilst we remain in this period, our team continues to have open conversations and to share ideas, so that we can flourish creatively.”


  • Strategic creative communications – narratives, naming and messaging
  • Content planning, development and storytelling across platforms
  • Benchmarking and insight development
  • Stakeholder campaigns
  • Sustainability reporting