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Spire Healthcare Group plc – Annual Report 2018

Highlighting the underlying potential for long-term growth.

Clarkson plc Annual Report 2018

A step change in the quality of reporting.

Micro Focus Annual Report 2018

Moving towards best practice structure and content.

St. Modwen Annual Report 2018

A fresh new identity for a renewed strategy.

intu digital strategy

Delivering a digital strategy to drive change.

Schoolab brand strategy

The beauty of inconsistency.

Pool Re Terrorism Threat & Mitigation Report 2018

Explaining terrorism threats to a wide audience.

Idecsi brand strategy

A recognisable face in a blizzard of technologies.

U+I corporate website

Being authentic in a crowded sector to set themselves apart.

Joined up communications for Workspace Group Plc

Creating business advantage through creativity and consistency.

Allen & Overy: Fuse

Inventing a bold, independent brand to launch a 'market first'.

Rio Tinto content strategy

Putting sustainable innovation at the heart of the business.

KAZ Minerals corporate website

How presenting interesting content brings a growth strategy to life.