Glass Door annual review and digital communications

Raising awareness of homelessness through campaignable content.

Glass Door are a London-based homelessness charity who provide shelter and advice to support their guests out of homelessness and beyond.



Our brief was to produce an online annual review that would drive greater online engagement across Glass Door’s website and social media platforms. As this was a pro bono project and charities often have more limited resources than our typical corporate clients, we decided a campaignable reporting approach – creating shareable assets from the content in the review, tailored to audiences and platforms – would allow us to make the creative work from the annual review go further and maximise engagement.

Key objectives:

  • Produce a digital and print annual review to highlight the work Glass Door had done over the past year for trustees, partners, volunteers, and donors.
  • Increase digital engagement on Glass Door’s social media channels.
  • Surface the innovative ways Glass Door adapted their services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Raise awareness of the related social issues around Glass Door’s work.
  • Inspire audiences with information on Glass Door’s plans for the future.
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Audience and channel research 

Firstly, we performed in-depth research into their range of audiences, their needs and interests, and the digital channels they use most often. This gave us the understanding of who Glass Door’s key audiences are, what they want, and how we can get it to them.

Identifying and tailoring key messages 

Glass Door’s annual review contained a number of key messages and stories, and while all of these messages reflected the inspiring work Glass Door do, different messages appeal more strongly to different audiences. Building on our initial research, we identified which messages would resonate with which key audiences, and therefore the best way to present those messages within the assets we produced.

Content that fits the platform 

With a full understanding of what to say and which audiences to say it to, the final stage was to produce assets that would perform well on the right platform. As any digital influencer knows, a key aspect of engagement online is taking advantage of the native features of each platform. With this in mind, we tailored the assets to work with these features including Instagram stories, Twitter polls, and LinkedIn image libraries.


The 16-page annual review received great feedback from not only the client, but from our target audiences of trustees and partners. At Glass Door’s annual Community Thank You event, physical copies of the report were offered to guests, many of whom remarked on its quality and content.

The campaignable reporting assets also performed excellently on Glass Door’s social media channels, with analytics showing an average 149% increase in total reach and impressions on Facebook and Instagram. With charities so often struggling to compete for attention on these fast-moving platforms, the huge increase in engagement as a result of our work shows the impact a campaignable reporting approach can have.

“We’ve had really positive feedback to the digital launch. Our CEO says she was moved to tears. Others have said the work we’ve accomplished has been impressive. Trustees and staff have also expressed to me how much they like this year’s report.”

Melissa Kerschen, Senior Comms Manager at Glass Door

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