St. Modwen Properties PLC annual report

A fresh new identity for a renewed strategy.

St. Modwen Properties plc is an expert property developer and regeneration specialist, adding value by managing schemes through the planning process, remediating brownfield land and active asset management and development.


In a year of focus, growth and portfolio transition, St. Modwen’s progress has been strong and, with new management, they were able to take advantage of significant opportunities benefitting all stakeholders.


Building on the success of St. Modwen’s annual report, with its use of strong linear graphics illustrating its key messaging and new brand identity, we evolved the design to convey how their purpose, ‘Changing places, Creating better futures’, is at the heart of everything they do. As part of this process, we created a value creation infographic, which shows how St. Modwen creates value for all its stakeholders.

The report needed to explain St. Modwen’s portfolio transformation and how it would make a big impact on communities and benefit all stakeholders in the long term. It also needed to demonstrate that, while their portfolio had been transformed, their core purpose and values remained intact.

We used case studies, to demonstrate the benefits of their strategy, and how they create safe and sustainable sites that breathe new life into and bring prosperity in the areas in which they operate by creating jobs and building high quality homes.

St. Modwen Annual Report and Accounts


This year’s report described St. Modwen’s new, reshaped portfolio, outlining the strong growth prospects, its unwavering commitment to its purpose ‘Changing places, Creating better futures’ and how the Group is now well-positioned to continue delivering value to all of its stakeholders.

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